The project is a mini site which educates audience in the middle east countries
about methanol poisoning, in hopes to reduce the prevalence of it.
It is also proposed to be adopted to the world wide site as well when the middle
east site was all completed. The main audience was subdivided
into two groups of general public who may purchase methanol
contaminated alcohol, and practitioners in medical industry who
may have to cure some potentially methanol poisoned patients.
The concept of the project as well as the design was mainly done by me. 
The illustrations are created by modifying some existing illustrations
into a style which matches with the theme. 

The angle of which the site to convey a message of warning
and hazardous methanol  are difficult to distinguish between alcohol without contamination. Since these contaminated alcohols are commonly produced in the villages and some dishonest sellers with poor production conditions, I applied this style which brings about a raw and warning feeling. This style was enhanced by also making use of the brand colors of red and black of msf. The site was designated to be viewed on mobile and tablet dimensions.
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